Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Black Eagles Guide and Walkthrough

Last updated on August 20th, 2019 at 09:17 am

In our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Black Eagles guide, we’ll walk you through a quick breakdown of each character, as well as a breakdown of the relevant quests associated with this house.

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Black Eagle Background

  • Where they’re from: Adrestian Empire
  • Favored Weapons: Axes and Black Magic

They favor the use of axes and black magic.

The combination of the eagle found on the coat of arms along with the black armor worn by Imperial soldiers was the inspiration for both the name and banner of the Black Eagles.

And now, a breakdown of the Black Eagle members.


EdelgardEdelgardImperial Lineage: Amplifies experience by 1.2xSwords, Axes, and KnightsN/A
BernadettaBernadettaPersecution Complex: Adds +5 ATK if health lostSpears and BowsSwords, Axes, Unarmed Knights
CasparCasparBorn Fighter: Reduces enemy Avoidance by -10 when adjacentAxes, Unarmed CombatBows, Spells
DorotheaDorotheaSongstress: Gives allies next her an additional 10% max HP at the the beginning of each turnSwords, SpellsSpells, Knights, Flying
FerdinandFerdinandConfidence: Gives +15 Avoidance at full healthSwords, Spears, Axes, KnightsN/A
HubertHubertOfficer Duty: Provides +5MT with GambitsBows, FlyingAxes,
LinhardtLinhardtCatnap: Regain 10% of max HP if turn is forfeitedSpellsAxes, Unarmed Combat
PetraPetraHunter’s Boon: Improves critical chance by 20% when health is under 50%Swords, Axes, Bows, FlyingSpells

Black Eagle Quest Walkthrough

  • Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn
  • A King Without a Kingdom
  • Valley of Torment
  • The Rose-Colored River
  • The Impregnable Fortress
  • The Chaos of War
  • Conclusion of the Crossing Roads
  • The City Without Light
  • Following a Dream