How to Transfer Data to Your New Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch (known for its better battery life) is out!

If you have the first Nintendo Switch and think you’re missing out on the new one but can’t afford it, don’t worry: GameStop is offering a trade-in option that’s quite affordable.

The problem?

Transferring your Nintendo Switch data isn’t the easiest thing to do (plus retailers aren’t motivated to help you out, either).

Despite the cloud save backup offered by the Nintendo Switch Online service, this isn’t the same as having your entire profile and user data stored on the cloud, and a number of games aren’t compatible with cloud saves. The most foolproof way of transferring all of your data to a new Switch is to use the recommended transfer system, which requires having both consoles along with a number of other implements. Which defeats the purpose of trading your old console in.

The Nintendo Help site states that both consoles will need to be updated to system 4.0.0 or higher, and they both need to be connected to the Internet. Plus, take a look at what CNET’s Ashley Esqueda said:

For this switch, you need to AC adapters because both consoles have to be plugged in.

After migrating data from the old Nintendo Switch, you can’t access user information, save data, or even software purchases.

So how do you transfer data from your old Nintendo Switch to your new one?

It would seem the best way to do it is in a GameStop store with the help of a store manager. You’ll need them to open the new console, plug in both of the systems, connect to the store’s WiFi, transfer the data, and THEN trade in your old Switch so you can get the discount on the new one you just bought.


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