Meet the Nintendo 64 That Breaths Fire!

If you’re a fan of Robot Wars and Metal, you’ll love this Nintendo 64 that breaths fire! While surprising, this piece of hardware can be used to keep you warm while also acting as a fully-functioning game console!

It was pointed out by Attract Mode on Twitter…

and created by YouTuber BitHead1000. The Nintendo 64 was built with a protective metal shell, and features dual gas valves and some sort of plastic tube system that delivers lighter fluid.

Here’s the video:

In the 22-minute video, you find out how he built this contraption from scratch.

How it works: BitHead1000 added a red button right below the N64 controller’s center control stick that triggers the console’s flamethrower.

This unique piece of machinery isn’t just a gimmick; it is a fully-functioning N64 that just so happens to spit fire when you’re in the mood!

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